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Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club
Founded in the Spirit of Sailing
NLYC burgee


Welcome to Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club! New Members welcome who share an interest in sailing or learning the skill of race management.

Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club was established in 1895 exclusively for sailboats. We are based on the shore of Nagawicka Lake in Delafield, Wisconsin with a quaint lake-side club house. The club has an active membership that are involved in sailing for pleasure and competition, with a racing program that has over 80 races scheduled each season. Our club races OPTI, X Boat, MC Scow, C Scow and E Scow. A range of instructional programs are offered to both adults and children and for the experienced or novice sailor. The atmosphere is friendly and informal. Today, the fine facilities, excellent racing program, and frequent club social activities combine to offer a wholesome family experience.



Opti LOPN 
Thursday, June 18th
420 Inland Champs
June 26-28

Social Events

Saturday, June 20th
NLYC Martini Party and Iron Chef BBQ Cook-Off
6:00 at NLYC

Wednesday, June 25
Nautigals Meeting and Dinner
6:00 at NLYC


Youth and Adult classes offered

Sunday, April 26th
3:00-5:00pm at NLYC Clubhouse


Opti Racers



Peter Keck Wins C Blue Chip, Grosch 14th!

C Blue Chip


Commodore's Cup Regatta

The Commodore Series was sailed by 11 sailors from Nagawicka.  For many sailors this was the first time in the Club 420s.  Light shifty winds prevailed but fun was had by all sailors and observers.  The team of Sharon Kraklow and Judy Grosch won the series. 

Nagawicka Sailors Compete in Local Regattas 

2014 MC Inland, Pewaukee
Pewaukee lake hosted the largest MC Inland fleet with a record number of 81 boats.  Nagawicka was represented well with 8 boats competing as well as former NLYC member Ryan Grosch sailing for Lake Harriet. Competing for Nagawicka were:  Jack Behrend, Craig Heinze, Todd Sternamann, Michele Heinze, JP Munich, Ethan Heinze, Matt Rasmussen, and Jeff Moylan.
2014 X Inland Gull Lake, Minnesota 
Five X boats headed to Gull Lake to compete in the X Inland.  Both the Senior and Junior Fleets competed in 8 races allowing for one throwout.  Carson Heinze and crew Will Perry were the only Junior Fleet members from Nag placing 20th out of 39 sailors.  Alex Keck (Malloy Murphy) was the top Senior finisher for Nagawicka in 9th, Jack & Marissa Tegeder placed 25th, Tessa Lux (Maddie Crucius) 28th and Myles Murphy (Alex Crucius) 32nd.  

Lots of exciting sailing for Nagawicka this week! Early in the week Lake Geneva had it's Dingyfest. 3 of our X fleet went, with Alex Keck finishing 13th, Myles Murphy in 35th and Carson Heinze in 46th. There was big wind at the Dingyfest for the Opti fleet, but Henry Chapman sailed through it to a first place. Other Nagawicka sailors who braved the wind were Lindsey McClean (25), Mary-Grace Hegberg (26) and David Hegberg (29).  Over the weekend, Henry Chapman placed first at the USODA Team trials in Sheboygan and his sister Olivarose came in 15 out of 58 boats! Toby Lux won his first regatta at the TRAC (Training Regatta at Cedar), with Marissa Tegeder sailing a 6th and Maddie Crucius a 9th in the Blue fleet. And our home boy Ryan Grosch came in 4th at the MC Invite in Okoboji. Go Team Nag!
July 7th and 8th three Nagawicka X teams headed to Lake Geneva for the GLSS regatta.  Day 1 started with two light wind races and one following lunch with a bit more breeze.  Day 2 was racing in big wind and big waves!  Alex Keck and Toby Lux placed 13th overall, N-113 Murphy/Crucius (35th), N-24 Heinze/Perry (46th)
Team N-181 Wins X Quad - Beulah
Alex Keck with crew Toby Lux won the first and third races of the four race regatta placing second and sixth in the race #2 and #4.  Team 181 won the regatta with a total of 10 points over second place Nick Rusher from Cedar who scored 22 pts.  Carson Heinze started off the regatta with a fourth place finish, but had trouble jibing in the big breezes of day 2 and ended up tipping in race #4.  N-24 Carson and William Perry placed 15th followed closely by N-73 Jack and Marissa Tegeder (17th), N-6 Tessa Lux and Maddie Crucius (18th), N-113 Myles Murphy and Alex Crucius (20th) and N-14 Dan and Mary Grace Hegberg (27th).  A great two days of sailing!
MC Wisconsin Championship
Four Nagawicka sailors took place in the first MC Wisconsin Championship on Cedar Lake in a fleet of 51. Ethan Heinze (crew Myles Murphy) was the top junior skipper placing 14th overall.  Michele Heinze (crew DJ Jaessing) was the top female skipper placing 20th.  Todd Sternamann was 22nd and Jeff Moylan (Cyndy Molylan crew) was 29th.  
Opti Sailors compete at LOPN on Pewaukee and Beulah Fun Regatta
The Nagawicka Opti Sailing team has been busy this season.  At the LOPN Henry Chapman sailed a perfect regatta and finished 1st overall!  Other sailors included Toby Lux (6), Marissa Tegeder (9), Mary Grace Hegberg (10), David Hegberg (12), and Maddie Crucius (17).
The Beulah Opti Sailing School Regatta was plagued by lack of wind.  The judges got them out for one race, and lots of fun was had on shore.  Representing Team Nag were Marissa Tegeder, Mary Grace Hegberg, David Hegberg, Maddie Crucius, Toby Lux, Henry and Oliviarose Chapman and Lindsey McLean.  
Nagawicka Takes Two Firsts at the TRAP!
Alex Keck (N-181) with crew Toby Lux placed first in the Senior fleet
Henry Chapman (N-68) with crew Oliviarose Chapman placed first in the Junior fleet and first overall.
Nagawicka's other sailors included N-73 Jack Tegeder in 45th, N-6 Tessa Lux in 46th, and N-113 Myles Murphy in 54th. Congratulations Team Nag!
MC Challenge:  June 21st on Oconomowoc Lake
6th: Todd Sternamann (winner of Race #1)
9th:  Michele Heinze
      14th: Ethan Heinze
      15th:  Tom Tegeder
                Nancy Tegeder and Hardy Lux also competed 

LOPN Optimist regatta:  June 19th on Pewaukee Lake
1st: Henry Chapman
6th: Toby Lux
9th: Marissa Tegeder
      10th: MaryGrace Hegberg
      12th:  David Hegberg
      17th:  Maddie Crucius

NLYC 420 Fleet 


Some quick building has the 420's ready for safe storage and the kickoff of NLYC's first 420 class tonight.  Thank you to those who organized and picked up the boats.  Also a big thanks to Mark Schimenz, Craig Heinze and Joe Hannon for building the 420 racks.


 Nagawicka Hosts C Nationals 

           C Nationals Final Results                   N-181 Champions!
                                                   Peter Keck, Ben Porter and Alex Keck



                     2nd Place                                         3rd Place 4th Place

     Jim Tews and Jen Jaessing             Joe Kutschenreuter & Randy Schmidt        Ed Eckert & Matt Schmidt